We offer a full range of massage therapy services including those shown below.

Mind Body Release System: Coaching & Bodywork

Incorporating Mindset Coaching & Massage Therapy to release the mind and body of stressors. Applying Mindset Coaching Techniques, such as Detailed Personal History, and Time Line Therapy will aid in identifying the root causes of stress, alleviate negative emotions, and explore ones limiting beliefs. This includes 90min of Mind Release Coaching, 45min of Massage Work […]

Massage Tailored to You: Bodywork

An integrated approach to massage incorporates multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issues. From Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, MLD Lymphatic, Reki, Reflexology all of these modalities can be used in various areas to customize your massage experience. We can discuss what modalities would be best suited to your needs […]

Memberships: 20% off 1 service per month

The price comes directly out monthly from your payment option on your payment plan date. The day you set it up. As a perk to being a member if you need more work done in the month I will honor 20%Off additional 60, 90, or 120min bodywork services, and any Mind Body Coaching services at […]

Series: 10% off total grouping of 3, 4, 6 services bought

Weather its a group of 3,4,6 Massage Tailored to You or Mind Body Release System services you receive 10%Off that total series, and are able to book them when it is right for you!

Man receiving back massage from massage therapist in spa

30-45 Minute Focused Area / Sports Massage

Our 30 Minute Focused Area / Sports Massage is tailored to address a problem area or to provide quick stress relief.

What Our Customers Say


Allison gave me my first massage ever! It was awesome! She is so professional and considerate of your needs. Her space is super nice and tranquil. Highly recommend if you need a massage.

Mere Kern

Allison is a true professional who listens to her clients and gives the best care. I will definitely be back!


Best massage in Indy area. Super professional. And easy to work with.

Jonathan Spencer
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