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I am Allison the Owner/Therapist here at Masterson Massage Therapy LLC. I have many years of experience in the healthcare industry where battles are won and lost due to one’s Mindset and Body Connection. This has led me to expand my knowledge about the body as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and the mind as a Certified NLP Mindset Coach. Using my assortment of skills you will be able to flip the switch to stress less, sleepy more soundly, live more presently, and move more effortlessly.

You are your best investment. Being proactive in your health maintenance may mean less time in a doctor’s office and more time doing the activities you love with folks you care about. Helping professionals like you stop the continuing loops of overwhelm in the mind from work/family; to unraveling the knots/tension held inside the body as a defense system. This is why I have created the Mind Body Release System in order to couple both modalities into one session. As a person who has coached others in other arenas to being coached myself I understand that in order to get the maximum benefits in a timely manner requires at minimum 6 sessions, 1 session every two weeks. Consistency is key in any area you want to make maximum progress quickly or slowly.

I know all to well how life can change in a blink of an eye, or not turn out as planned. I too have dealt with unexpected death, divorce, as well as been blessed with a second marriage, a blended family. All while wearing all the hats as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, caretaker, mentor, co-worker, entrepreneur, and coach. The difference in handling most of my upheavals in life is because I constantly look and find the silver lining. I also do consistent self care, like going to the holy home gym of sweat, walks in nature, meditation, and massage therapy. I enjoy going camping, golfing, and car shows with family and friends. I also like painting, listening to good tunes or audio books. Doing these things helps to keep my vibration high, and my sense of humor in tough times.

Incorporating some time with me either with mindset coaching and/or bodywork could be the difference in where you want to spend your PTO (Paid Time Off). I have been able to help hundreds of people in all aspects of their lives from limited mobility, mental well-being, pre or post op, sports, lymphatic issues, prenatal support, chronic pain and fatigue. Let me guide you to being and feeling your best!

Remember your body’s only limits are the limits your mind set’s!


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Allison Masterson CMT, RTT, CLT-UE

What Our Customers Say


Amazing and very relaxing. Allison actually can get right into the muscles that are really bothering you and relax them. Would recommend.


Best massage in Indy area. Super professional. And easy to work with.

Jonathan Spencer

I have had lymphatic and deep tissue messages. Both were top notch and would recommend to everyone. The deep tissue relieved a ton of tightness and muscle knots that deep in the muscle tissue. Great job!

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